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About BBT

Bonaire Brandstof Terminals B.V. (BBT) was established in April 2021 and is 100% owned by the Dutch state. BBT’s mission is to ensure that Bonaire has sufficient energy. Energy to live, to work and to enjoy. 

BBT provides energy by storing commonly used fuels safely on the island and by contributing to a sustainable transition of the energy supply on Bonaire. BBT ensures that there are sufficient fuels to generate electricity, enable mobility on Bonaire and from Bonaire to the rest of the world and produce clean drinking water. An energy supply that is not only reliable, affordable and safe, but soon also more and more sustainable.

At the moment, the energy supply on Bonaire is not regulated well enough. The existing storage facilities are either no longer available (BOPEC) or do no longer comply with laws and regulations (Hato and Airport). BBT must provide a structural solution that contributes to making inhabitants and visitors of Bonaire able to always use reliable, affordable and safe energy. To live, work and enjoy. 

By organizing
fuel supply
and promoting
more sustainable
energy production,
BBT provides energy
for Bonaire.

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Our Goals

Energy for Bonaire

BBT provides energy to Bonaire by safely organising the storage and supply of fuel and by contributing to a sustainable transition of the energy supply on Bonaire. This way, electricity and drinking water production can take place uninterrupted and we can move effortlessly on land and by air.

Safe storage

BBT ensures reliable, affordable and safe storage of fuels. We invest in new state-of-the-art terminals. Safety for both people and the environment is our highest priority.

Sustainable energy

BBT sees opportunities for generating sustainable energy on a large scale on Bonaire. Together with our partners, we are investigating the possibilities of converting solar and wind into sustainable energy for Bonaire.

Latest news

  • Bonaire and EZK collaborate on energy supply

    On April 12th, Deputy Secretary-General of the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Gerdine Keijzer-Baldé, visited Bonaire to discuss developments in energy supply. During her visit, she met with Governor Edison Rijna and commissioners...

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  • The Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate releases financing for sustainable energy at Bonaire

    Press Release BBT Bonaire, December 7th, 2021 Kralendijk, December 7th, 2021 – The Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate (EZK) has release 10 million Euro to expedite sustainable energy transition on Bonaire. Last week,...

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Walter Wattenbergh is chairman of the Supervisory Board of BBT. Walter is also a supervisor for Prostar Capital for their terminal GTI on St. Eustatius. Walter has over 35 years of experience in management and supervision of fuel terminals.

Bonaire Fuel Terminals B.V.
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Chamber of Commerce number: 82637490

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