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About BBT

Bonaire Bon Transition B.V. (BBT) was established by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate. Our mission is to ensure that Bonaire has sufficient and reliable energy. Energy for living, working, housing, and enjoyment.

BBT provides Bonaire with reliable energy by ensuring the safe storage of fuels and by contributing to the transition to sustainable energy, generated by the sun or wind. By reducing dependence on a single energy source, we enhance the stability of the entire energy system.

To achieve this, BBT closely collaborates with its partnersorganizations on Bonaire, including the Public Entity Bonaire (OLB), ContourGlobal, Water and Energy Company Bonaire (WEB), and Curoil. Together we work towards an energy supply that is not only safe and reliable, but also adaptable to the island’s growth and evolving to become more sustainable and diverse.

BBT ensures safe fuel storage and contributes to the transition to sustainable energy on Bonaire.

By organizing
fuel supply
and promoting
more sustainable
energy production,
BBT provides energy
for Bonaire.

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Our Goals

Energy for Bonaire

Our mission is to ensure that Bonaire has sufficient energy. This ensures the continuous generation of electricity, production of drinkable water, and transportation by land and air.

Safe storage

BBT ensures safe and reliable supply and storage of fuels on Bonaire. We invest in state-of-the-art storage facilities with the highest priority on safety for people, animals, and the environment.

Sustainable energy

BBT is making investments to generate renewable energy on a large scale on Bonaire. By contributing to the development, expansion and affordability of solar and wind energy, we contribute to a more sustainable and diverse energy future for Bonaire.

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Walter Wattenbergh
Walter Wattenbergh is the CEO of BBT. Walter has over 35 years of experience in the management and supervision of fuel terminals. With BBT, he aims to contribute to a reliable, affordable, safe, and sustainable energy supply on Bonaire. Until his appointment as CEO, Walter served as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BBT since its establishment.
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Cees den Ouden
Cees den Ouden serves as the CFO at BBT. He brings extensive international experience in financial management, with a focus on transformation and growth. Through strategic financial decisions, BBT can make investments that contribute to safe and sustainable energy on Bonaire.
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Douglas van der Veen
Douglas van der Veen is the project leader of BBT. Douglas resides in Curaçao and is familiar with the energy provisions on Bonaire. He is a chemical and mechanical engineer with broad experience in the energy sector, both locally, including at Refineria Isla (Curaçao), and internationally with Shell. Douglas is eager to contribute to a reliable and secure energy supply on Bonaire, recognizing the significant societal importance associated with it.
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Bas van de Weijgert
Bas van de Weijgert is the Corporate Secretary and Legal Counsel of BBT. As an experienced lawyer and corporate legal counsel, Bas strengthens the team with expertise in governance, legal obligations, legal advice, and risk management. In addition to his role at BBT, Bas works for a large wind park in The Netherlands, a grid operator, and serves as a board member of the ‘Zeeuws Climate Fund’.
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Why does Bonaire need a new fuel terminal?
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The existing storage facilities on Bonaire are outdated and will soon no longer meet safety standards. This poses risks to people, animals, the environment, and indirectly to the local economy, as electricity, water supply, and transportation depend on fuels.

Why still invest in fossil energy?
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Fossil energy is currently a necessary component of stable energy generation. Solar or wind energy cannot provide sufficient energy at all times throughout the year or day. Additionally, fuels are still needed to refuel cars and airplanes.

What is BBT doing to reduce dependence on fossil energy?
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BBT actively invests in the expansion of sustainable energy sources, such as solar and wind energy. BBT is a 50% owner of the solar panel park and its associated batteries, and is preparing to renew and expand the windmill park. Through these investments, we contribute to reducing the dependence on fossil energy.

Where will the new fuel terminal be built?
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After extensive research and consultation with local authorities, the location south of the airport was chosen for the new terminal. The existing pier can be used for tank supply, eliminating the need for construction in the sea. This location also minimizes fuel transport on public roads, as a part of the storage is designated for aircraft refueling. The new terminal will replace the existing storage tanks of BOPEC, the airport, and Curoil (in Hato). Centralization promotes safety, efficiency, and cost control.

How large will the fuel terminal be?
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The new terminal will consist of eight tanks of approximately 1000 m3 each. By comparison, these tanks are more than 120 times smaller than the tanks at BOPEC. The terminal will meet the highest safety norms and standards and will be located at least 200 meters from current or future residential areas.

BBT is 50% owner of the solar panel park, who else owns it?
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International energy company ContourGlobal is also a 50% owner and sole manager of the solar panel park.

Why must the existing windmill park be renewed?
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Bonaire is growing rapidly and needs more and more energy. At the same time, the dependence on fossil fuels must be reduced. Significant steps are needed in the field of sustainable energy generation. Therefore, investments are being made to renew and expand the windmill park.

What is the origin of the name Bonaire Bon Transition?
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BBT was initially founded in April 2021 as ‘Bonaire Brandstof Terminals’ (Bonaire Fuel Terminals) and changed its name to ‘Bonaire Bon Transition’ in early 2024. This change reflects the organization’s shift towards a broader range of energy activities on Bonaire. While remaining fully committed to development of the new fuel terminal for safe storage, BBT is additionally working to transition to a more sustainable and diverse energy supply.

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