Walter Wattenbergh
Walter Wattenbergh is the CEO of BBT. Walter has over 35 years of experience in the management and supervision of fuel terminals. With BBT, he aims to contribute to a reliable, affordable, safe, and sustainable energy supply on Bonaire. Until his appointment as CEO, Walter served as the Chairman of the Supervisory Board of BBT since its establishment.
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Cees den Ouden
Cees den Ouden serves as the CFO at BBT. He brings extensive international experience in financial management, with a focus on transformation and growth. Through strategic financial decisions, BBT can make investments that contribute to safe and sustainable energy on Bonaire.
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Douglas van der Veen
Douglas van der Veen is the project leader of BBT. Douglas resides in Curaçao and is familiar with the energy provisions on Bonaire. He is a chemical and mechanical engineer with broad experience in the energy sector, both locally, including at Refineria Isla (Curaçao), and internationally with Shell. Douglas is eager to contribute to a reliable and secure energy supply on Bonaire, recognizing the significant societal importance associated with it.
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Bas van de Weijgert
Bas van de Weijgert is the Corporate Secretary and Legal Counsel of BBT. As an experienced lawyer and corporate legal counsel, Bas strengthens the team with expertise in governance, legal obligations, legal advice, and risk management. In addition to his role at BBT, Bas works for a large wind park in The Netherlands, a grid operator, and serves as a board member of the ‘Zeeuws Climate Fund’.
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Cherethy Kirindongo
Cherethy Kirindongo is a member of the Supervisory Board of BBT. Cherethy studied law at the University of Curaçao and business sciences at Radboud University Nijmegen. She held various positions at Maduro & Curiels Bank in Bonaire and was the director of the Chamber of Commerce on the island. While currently holding a management position at the Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, Cherethy remains dedicated to supporting positive initiatives on and around Bonaire.
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Emiel Emanuel
Emiel fulfills the role of financial and strategic consultant at BBT. With his diverse experience, he helps plan and manage BBT's projects. Emiel works on various scenarios for the construction of the new fuel terminal, the expansion of wind and solar energy, and supports the preparation of financing documents and strategic decision-making. In this way, Emiel aims to contribute to a secure and sustainable energy supply for Bonaire.
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René Peters
René Peters is a member of the Supervisory Board of BBT. With a background in applied physics and as the business director of gas technology at TNO, he brings a blend of technical and business expertise. René is also a member of the Metrology Experts Board for the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate and the Supervisory Board of the World Energy Council. As a bridge builder between sectors and disciplines, René is keen on contributing to the energy transition on Bonaire.
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Gerjanne Voortman
Gerjanne Voortman is a communication advisor at BBT. With her background in cultural anthropology and communication, she aims to create understanding and meaningful connections between European and Caribbean Netherlands. Through her profession and as a resident of Bonaire, Gerjanne is involved in various initiatives that strengthen the community.
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